A Love Letter: Celebrating You

Dear fellow gal creatives,

There you are! First off, thanks for clicking here and giving Designed By’s initiative a chance.

Honestly, a few months ago the thought of writing this post, let alone creating this celebratory platform, wasn’t even a care in my mind. But, bless those pink ruffles ... I’m glad it became one.

As a wedding photographer and a Rising Tide Society Leader, I interact with so many creatives and a handful of them are upcoming artists whose work I completely admire. It started to seem like everywhere I turned, I wanted to give an artist on the rise a chance to showcase their work, be discovered (some call it serious community over competition fever).

If you see where I’m going with this, you’re right. This is where the seed for Designed By was planted. The way a Taylor Swift song sticks in your head, this idea wouldn’t leave me alone. It was the universe calling, right? Good thing I listened, because voila, Designed By happened.

Your creative spirits and passions are the sole reasons Designed By exists. Our curation platform is aimed to celebrate them in two ways:

  1. Whimsy creative expressions; &
  2. A discovery connection between upcoming artists and ladylike creatives.

Whether you’re wearing the playful inspiration or you’re the artist itching for a new way your feminine expressions can be uncovered, Designed By ArtWear is for you.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey as we honor YOU with art to wear, art to inspire, art to celebrate. Designed By Artwear.

Yours truly,


P.S. If you’re extra curious about Designed By, pop over here and/or start submitting your work or shop the artist collections today!

Also, feel free to send me an email, social shout out or comment below to say hi or to give any necessary feedback. I’d love to hear from you. :)